Magic Color

Rose Pink (Fragrance Free)


  • Hydrating and adding a unique twist of colour to your lips

  • Color-changeable

  • 10 Hours Moisture

  • Fuller & Bouncy Lips

  • Vitamin E make lips appear smooth & youthful

Available Online

LipIce Magic Color Lipbalm

Enhances your natural lip color

Provides 10 hours of moisture with natural moisturising ingredients such as macadamia, shea butter, argan oil and beeswax

Contains the antioxidant Vitamin E which effectively protects lips against harmful UV rays

Infused with Commiphora Mukul Herb Extract to smoothen fine lines and keep lips bouncy

for your unique shade of Pink

Natural, Rosy Lips

It goes on clear and gradually changes color to a sheer pink which further enhances the natural beauty of your lips.

It changes color according to your body temperature.

Complete your unique makeup look by apply Magic Color and mix & match for the shade you want



Cant choose which lipstick to wear in daily life? why not just use one for every & any occasion!

Lyaa Aqilah

For every occasion, LipIce Magic Color provides a special shade of pink, just swipe to reach the shade of pink you desire to match your outfit!